Frank Dye (23 April 1928 – 16 May 2010)

Was a sailor who, in two separate voyages, sailed a Wayfarer class dinghy from the United Kingdom to Iceland and Norway. An account of this was written by Dye and his wife, Margaret, published as Ocean Crossing Wayfarer: To Iceland and Norway in a 16ft Open Dinghy


Frank Dye

Wanderer - sail No W48, the Wayfarer that Frank Dye sailed to Iceland and Norway. Now in UK National Maritime museum, Falmouth, Cornwall.


Frank Dye's Sea Adventures


Frank, the Renowned Sailor

Ask practically any Wayfarer sailor and they will be able to recite the remarkable adventures of Frank Dye. Frank Dye is the legendary Englishman famous for sailing his Wayfarer, Wanderer W48, over numerous unbelievably difficult open sea passages. The British Wayfarers have even written a ballad about Frank's exploits, which they sing with great gusto at evening gatherings after a few pints of good stout.

In the early 1960's Frank made his two most renowned voyages. The first was an 11-day, 650 mile North Atlantic crossing from Scotland to Iceland. This feat brought fame to both Frank Dye and the Wayfarer class. On his second major sea passage, a Norwegian Sea crossing from Scotland to Aalesund, Norway, Frank and his crew, Bill Brockbank, survived four capsizes and a broken mast during a Force 9 storm. In more recent times Frank departed Miami, Florida headed northward in the early spring of 1988. This marked the beginning a six-year odyssey of navigating the eastern coast of North America and then into the Great Lakes. Accompanying him on the initial leg of this journey was his wife, Margaret, his long-time cruising companion.

Presently the first Wanderer is resting at the National Maritime Museum in Fallmouth. The chronicles of Frank and Margaret Dye's exploits, along with much useful information about cruising the Wayfarer, can be found in Frank and Margaret's three books:

  • Ocean Crossing Wayfarer: To Iceland and Norway in a 16ft Boat, by Frank & Margaret Dye - Second Edition 2006, Adlard Coles Nautical
  • Dinghy Cruising, The Enjoyment of Wandering Afloat, by Margaret Dye - 1992, Adlard Coles Nautical
  • Sailing to the Edge of Fear, by Frank Dye - 1999, Nimbus--the story of Frank's adventures sailing the coast of North America and the Great Lakes.