Join the US Wayfarer Association

The U. S. National Organization to support the Wayfarer Sailing Dinghy.

Wayfarer Application Information

Join the United States Wayfarer Association

The sole purpose of the U.S. Wayfarer Association is to promote the Wayfarer sailing dinghy in the United States.

Each year the USWA hosts the U.S. National Regatta

Every other year the USWA hosts the North American Wayfarer Regatta

The USWA publishes 'The Skimmer' on a quarterly basis to communicate event dates, publish cruising logs, and relate any other relevant Wayfarer information.

The USWA represents all U.S. Wayfarer owners at the Wayfarer International committee (the rules making body for the Wayfarer)

Boat owners can join the USWA for $20 annually, non-owners or members of other national associations can have an associate membership for $15 annually. E-mail our treasurer, Gary Hirsch for further information from the contacts menu item of this website. 

A  USWA membership form can be downloaded here.